Preventative Action with Layers of Process Protection
Protection for a process plant is built in layers. One layer may fail, but the next one won’t.  Maintaining personal safety, mechanical integrity, and process safety is a critical responsibility of anyone working in a process environment, and that responsibility takes many forms. From preventing small personal injuries to major fires or explosions, there are many systems and procedures designed to keep things operational and safe.

Safety in Automation, Published on Apr 6, 2013: 
During APW 2013 we hosted real-time discussions with ABB experts on emerging trends in their industries. Participants were able to ask questions and hear feedback from the experts. This discussion occurred Mon., March 25, 2013 at 1:30 p.m.

Integrated Approach to Process Safety, Published on Jul 11, 2011: 
The System 800xA High Integrity safety system allows the safety system designer to choose the level of integration appropriate for the specific application and control philosophy. From fully segregated, to network integration to fully integrated within the same control hardware, 800xA HI enables users to improve operator effectiveness and promote collaboration through the Power of Integration.