A Process Hazard Analysis of the Human Factor: Piper Alpha Incident

Operator and supervisor errors escalated a process safety incident into a disaster. Could people better trained in oil and gas safety procedures have prevented it, or stopped the process safety incident once the fire stated?

Neglecting Layers of Protection: Buncefield Incident

Buncefield: Neglecting Layers of Protection In a facility that generally runs with a high degree of stability, layers of protection that don’t get used can form holes, both figuratively and literally. Examining the Buncefield fire in 2005 could be a te…

How Many Units Can Operators Monitor on One Screen?: Buncefield Incident

Operators didn’t see the tank overfilling. Part of the problem was mechanical, but part was inattention. How much can we expect from individual operators? The Buncefield fuel depot fire was somewhat akin to leaving the tub filling in the upstairs bathroom, …

Failure of Process Safety Management on Every Level: Piper Alpha Incident

Part of the problem of trying to examine this event is its complexity. The specific series of events that turned a simple process safety incident into a disaster began with a decision to change the mode of production on the platform. A mix of maintenance issue…
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