"Safety does not happen by accident. It’s a continuous
and collective effort of the industry."

Judith Hackitt CBE, FREng. Chair, UK Health and Safety Executive

Anatomy of an Incident

Safety continues to be a top concern affecting process operators worldwide.   

Learning from process safety incidents and accidents is key to preventing these issues from ever happening again.  Anatomy of an Incident is dedicated to sharing expert analysis of public process safety information from process safety incidents so that all control operators, process safety engineers and managers may benefit from the experiences of their peers and collectively we may build safer processes with operational reliability.  

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While Layers of Protection should remain functionally independent from each other, it’s also important streamline the management of process safety.
Best practices for avoiding common cause failure and preventing cyber security
attacks in Safety Systems
A series of explosions occurred at the BP Texas City refinery during the restarting of a hydrocarbon isomerization unit. Analyze the Incident