Safety Instrumented Systems depend on Instrumentation

Pressure sensors to warn of an impending reactor rupture, temperature sensors to trigger an alarm that a reaction is out of control. In some process units, there are more safety-related sensors than those for process control.

Instrumentation certified for use in safety applications is thoroughly studied and characterized to get that rating. In most cases, its reliability is as high as any electro-mechanical device can be, but any device can fail given the right conditions or simply wear out.

That’s why periodic proof testing is so critical to ensure the different elements of the Safety instrumented systems are ready to act upon the appearance of the hazardous conditions in the process.


Learn how a safety system allows the safety system designer to choose the level of integration appropriate for the specific application and control philosophy.
Making sure that your plant’s safety instrumented systems are prepared to respond is a lot like
maintaining athletic fitness.
When disasters like the Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station collapse in Khakassia, Russia, occur, it is difficult to…